Available to Purchase

Available to Purchase

General Information and Terms of Business

We are a family run business based in a small village in Wales.

This is just a small portion of the most popular items that we produce.

Other pictures and video clips are available on request and visits to view items are most welcome by arrangement.

Please not that as each item is handmade and not using castings, we cannot replicate each piece of simulation to be identical to those shown also clothing may vary and some colour transfer is possible.

All simulations are designed to be washed after use. Simply wash using lukewarm water and leave to dry naturally.

No attempts to remove clothing from simulations should take place as damage may occur.

All prices quoted exclude P&P at Royal Mails 1st class postage rate or specified by customer.

At point of order you will be advised on delivery time as each item is made to order and needs time to dry/set.

All payments must be received in full before simulations will be produced.

We supply to major first aid distribution centres and orders may take a little longer if we have a large order in progress at that time.

Finally, we hope you do enjoy using our simulations and if in doubt about us please check on what folks think of them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Catastrophic Bleed Control Training Trauma Torso

These torsos are supplied nude with or without bleeding tubes connected. Ask for details as cost will vary on your requirements (basic model with 4 wounds £250). Clothed model demonstrates the potential for these manikins 

Tourniquet and Wound Packing Training Legs

These legs are ideal for practical application of tourniquet and wound packing training. They can be supplied with basic wounds or more realistic wounds for scenario training and bleed tubes. Ask for details as cost will vary on your requirements (Basic model socked leg with two wound £100)

More realistic wounds extra £15 per wound including Bleed Tube if required


Wound Simulations

Made to order and designed to fit where you want it.

Each wound can have a bleed tube connected at no extra cost .

Prices from £25 per wound

Trauma Sleeves

Trauma sleeves with bleed tubes available in various sizes 

Available in dark and light skin             

Starting price £45

Trauma Legs

Pair of trauma legs that articulate at the hips and knees – comes with 3 wounds of your choice £150 

Available in light and dark skin

Trauma Shirts

Trauma shirts available in small/medium/large/extra large

Prices start from £80 with a single wound and bleed tube

Additional wounds can be added for £20 each. All shirts are made to your requirements

Multi Wound Trauma Heads

Ideal for class discussions on each injury and how to treat each wound.

We had an idea!! Why not use the head as a quiz tool, number the injuries and as the class to pick a number then treat their partner on the course accordingly?

£53.00 with 10 Injuries including bleed tube

(additional injuries £2.00 each)

Casualty Simulations

Each wound is individually hand made and tailored to your requirements (price on request) 

Wounds wither come complete or can be multi layered with inserts such as bones or other objects of your choice and with bleed tubes.

Quick Classroom Training Aids

Classroom based catastrophic bleed training aids with deep realistic pliable wounds ideal for demonstrating wound packing  £150

Each disk is designed to slip inside the glove with ease or can be used as a desktop training aid. 

£55 – Each glove comes with 11 disc wounds that include:

  • Splinters
  • Blade
  • Pencil
  • Screw
  • Nail Bone
  • Gravel
  • Open Wounds
  • Fish Hook
  • Glass
 Light or Dark skin available on request


Sold individually at £5.00 per thumb

Can be used for quick classroom simulations or used as a desktop training aid.

(Only light skin available at the moment)

Desktop Sucking Chest Wound

Each wound comes with a vial of blood and a pipette when being used apart from the bubbling blood it sounds pretty realistic.

Price £45.00


Injection Training Pad

A pad for practising IM Injections 

Price £20.00

Other Injuries

Here are some ideas of other injuries available – Suggestions Welcome!